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Post by huckernage on 2009-12-26, 21:17

if you have any Q about make your 2.2 ''slower'' ask me.

i m here to help you guy.

make a list from less cost but efficient for ¼ or .....

-Weight reduction and drag coefficent. 0$
-drag radial. 400$ improve big time your 60' and 60' are related to your trap speed and influcent your ET time.
-tune trifecta (7500 so you can finish your ¼ in 3th gear. more efficient than shitf in 4th gear and lost that time to shift. 300$
-exhaust 7up (7up sound in french as ''setup'') +500$
-flywheel. clucth is good as far i can tell you trust me (14,2)
-stiff your frame by adding urethane kit. trans-control arm- suspension-torque damper
-intake air. SRI-2,4HO 400$
-alu. pulley. crank, alternator.
*cam for them you r 2.2 06 and less. but is untest on track in my case.
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