How to: Use your radar detector in a province / state where it's illegal

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How to: Use your radar detector in a province / state where it's illegal

Post by Omega_5 on 2009-12-13, 15:18

I know a few people here travel to places where RD's are illegal. Here are a few tips to avoid loosing your RD to the cops.

First, avoid the RDD's. Look into a stealth RD. The Beltronics STI and the Escort Redline are both stealth. RDD's can't pick them up, regardless of range and mode (this has been tested).
If you don't have a stealth radar, maybe look into a kill switch for your RD. If it goes off, slow down, and instantly kill it before the cops know you have such a device on board.

Second, don't advertise it. Mounting it low on the windshield helps. I also like to mount my GPS right in front of it, to 'camouflage' it. If you end up getting pulled over for a 'visual' you have an excuse as to what was hanging from your windshield.

Third... be prepared. Use the 'postal' trick.
Basically, get a family member to mail you a packing envelope big enough for your RD to fit in , and leave it unsealed. ie; tape the packing envelope shut, but don't stick it shut with the adhesive. Keep this postmarked package in your car.
If you are ever in a province or state where RD's are illegal, and you happen to get pulled over under suspicion of possession of an RD, you can simply throw the unit in the package and seal it up. They can in no way make you open that package with out a warrant (and what judge would grant a warrant for searching for an RD?).
The key thing, though, is to make sure it is postmarked. Apparently they can make you open a package that hasn't been mailed yet, because it isn't covered under the privacy laws until has been mailed.

And finally... the easiest way to not get it taken away, is to not use it.... of course that involves not speeding. Use your discretion... do you really need to speed? If not... don't. You will eliminate your chances of getting caught speeding, and eliminate your chances of losing your RD.
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Re: How to: Use your radar detector in a province / state where it's illegal

Post by jschatte on 2009-12-22, 17:05

This is some good info! That posage thing is definately something i would never think of.

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