Meets and Gatherings ( Policy )

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Meets and Gatherings ( Policy )

Post by ßlåçk§mókè on 2009-12-13, 19:46

1. Admins/Moderators Do not have to attend to have a "event/meeting"
2. If you guys want to get together do so.. Post it up and who can make it, then go.

Just because "WE" Admins/Mods all can't make it or someone else can't make it doesn't mean the event/meeting can't happen.

All I ask is be respectful and polite. Especially after we get the decals on the cars, As you'll be representing "US" SaskDeltas.

I Do NOT think we need to setup rules, Im sure everyone here is mature and responsible enough to handle themselves in a positive manner

thank you and happy meetings/events Let the good times Roll
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