How to: Radio Removal (Cobalt / G5)

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How to: Radio Removal (Cobalt / G5)

Post by Omega_5 on 2009-12-13, 23:28

*From CSS*

Patience will get you there.
Use Microfiber Towels to lay things down on, not the seats or pavement as you may attract dirt or scratch things.
Proper tools will ensure an easy process. Rigging things is not recommended.

Okay, here you go.

This is your radio. If you want to remove it, please read.

Open glove box.

Gently pry left edge trim panel from above glove box opening from dash releasing clips. All clips release with pressure.

Work your way across dash releasing clips on trip panel.

Remove trim panel from dash. Check dash for any remaining trim panel clips.

With needle nose pliers, squeeze center two tabs together.

Squeezing center tabs releases clip.

Remove clip from dash. Inspect clip closely, you will have to bend small pointed tabs back into place.

Place clip back onto trim panel ready for re installation.

Driver's side, grasp bottom edge of trim panel next to center console.

Pull bottom edge of panel straight down to release one lower clip.

Pull entire panel forward, away from dash to release one upper clip.

Check clips, this releases the entire right side of lower trim panel from dash.

Gently pry upper trim panel from dash releasing two clips.

Pull trim panel slightly from dash. Allow trim panel to hang in place from connectors and wires.

Gently pry top left edge of car stereo trim panel from dash releasing clip.

Gently pry top right edge of car stereo trim panel from dash releasing clip.

Work your way down right edge of panel releasing clips, then down left edge of panel releasing clips.

Pull top edge of trim panel down to allow entire panel to lay onto center console.

Remove two screws right side of car stereo.

Remove two screws left side of car stereo.

Pull car stereo from dash.

Remove antenna and release trigger on connector to disconnect.
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