RL: Removal of Aero spoiler

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RL: Removal of Aero spoiler

Post by ßlåçk§mókè on 2009-12-14, 00:03

Ok. So I decided to make this thread after being asked about it by a few people. It is a good (cheap) way to get rid of that giant plastic wing, and retain the ability to put the wing (or others) back on for those times that you want a little flashy-ness. It is a hell of a lot easier (cheaper) than filling the holes in and painting it. So here is what you will need to do this in-expensive mod:
1 x Saturn Ion Redline w/ an Aero spoiler
1 x 5/32" Allen Wrench (to remove stock spoiler)
1 x Friend (if you don’t have any friends, ask a neighbor to help)
1 x Can of WD-40 (OPTIONAL!)
1 x Heat gun (OPTIONAL!)
1 x 24" of fishing line (to un-stick spoiler from deck lid)
1 x Rubbing compound (to remove the existing scratches on the deck from the spoiler)
1 x Locktite
4 x STAINLESS! 3/8" Allen head bolts (or any button head bolt)
4 x STAINLESS! Wing-nuts
8 x STAINLESS! 5/8" Fender Washer
8 x RUBBER! (or Neoprene) 5/8" Washers (or 4 small grommets)

Once you have all the parts, start off by removing the allen bolts, located on the underneath side of the deck lid, on the spoiler. Have your friend hold the spoiler in place while you remove the bolts, or you'll have a lot more scratches to get rid of.
Once the bolts are removed, you will have to un-stick the spoiler from the deck lid, use the heat gun and fishing line to help un-stick the 3M pads that connect the spoiler to the deck, a little WD-40 will help remove the sticky-ness from the spoiler, also, helping you get it off the deck lid. The dealer left the film on the 3M pads on mine, so I did not need to use any WD-40.
NOTE: A few others, and I, have noticed the SMALL SPOILER may be connected solely by the 3M pads. BE ADVISED, You will have a bitch of a time getting the spoiler off.
REMEMBER: WD-40 + Flame = FIRE!...so no smoking while using WD-40
Once you have the spoiler off, take a little time and buff/wax your deck lid. You will need to use your rubbing compound to remove any scratches the spoiler left.
Once you are finished with that, you’ll need to remove all of your new hardware from its packaging. And install into the holes in this order:
Button head bolt => Fender washer => Rubber washer => (Deck lid) => Rubber washer => Fender washer => Locktite => Wing-nut.
Once you have the bolts into place, line up the washers and make sure that the rubber washers sit flush with the deck lid. Don’t forget a little Locktite. Then tighten the wing-nuts down, HAND TIGHT! Do NOT over tighten the bolts, or you will put indents into your deck lid.
Once you did that, YOURE DONE! Close your trunk, and take a pic! Then post it up on here! You may also want to check and make sure that you tightened the bolts enough to be watertight. You can also substitute the bolts/washers for different sizes. PM me with any questions you may have.Info Source
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