Get Wires from Engine to Cockpit

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Get Wires from Engine to Cockpit

Post by ßlåçk§mókè on 2009-12-14, 00:25

1) take out screw under the plastic cap in the middle of the piller.

2) after you take out the screw place your hand at the top of the piller and have your arm flat to the roof. grip the piller and pull towards the passanger side window. will be hard but just pull with caution that you dont pull down and out, just outward towards the pass. window. there is a single clip that holds it into place. if you have HCAB (head curtian air bags) then there will be a rubber peice that is goes around the metal clip that keeps the line for the air bags in place.

3) if you have HCAB then take the rubber peice off the metal clip.

4) after the piller is loose take the piller back towards the drivers side like you are going to put it back on. when piller is close to normal position (w/o reconnecting it back up) lift up and slightly back towards the back seat. will be stiff but just remove slowly to make sure you dont break the piller or rip the roof top.

5)after removing the piller there is a foam peice where the piller bottom used to be. remove for time being until after the install (i left mine out b/c of how i wired mine)

6) attach the gauges and pod to the piller. (the power for the boost gauge can be tapped in from the emergancy switch on the center dash by using the gray wire and the ground can be attached any where. also when attaching the pod to the piller, i put the pod directly over where the screw would go, so that the piller can be held in by the clip on the back side only. (easier to work on that way, plus makes it look better too.)

7) where the foam peice used to be is a hole in the very back that if you take the wires will travel straight down. run the wires thru there.

Cool after you ran the wires thru there then you can take and run them behind the fire protect covering. (ie picture below)

9) then you can run them thru the pulg that is located to the left of the clutch petal behind the fire protectant covering. (pic below)

10) after running the wires thru that plug they will come out right here (pic below)

11) when you get the boost gauge hose thru the firewall route the hose where you feel to your likeing.

12) if your boost gauge comes with a "T" connector then you can use that but if not go to the hardware store and buy the "T" connector (i used plastic b/c it had the multiple sizes on it to cut to what ever size you wanted) and three clamps and a peice of hose. ( 5/32 hose)

13) take the hose that goes from the top of the manifold to the boost sil. (right?) and cut with a razor blade or a pair of hose cutters in what ever place you feel comfortable with also depending where you routed you hose for the gauge. (pic below)

14)when you cut the host but the top part of the "T" connector inbetween where you just spliced the hose. make sure that you put the clamps around the hose before you put the hose on the "T". one on each side.(pic above)

15) then connect the hose that you bought and put that on the bottom part of the "T". (pic in #13) put hose clamp on the hose before putting hose on the "T".

16) route the new hose to where the hose that is connected to the boost gauge.

17) when you have the two hoses at the same point. take the larger male nut (i guess thats what its called) and screw it into the hose that is connected to the "T". itll take a little work but itll go in. dont forget the white tape stuff around the threads. and then screw the smaller one into the bigger one. then make sure that you put a clamp on this spot too. (total of 4 clamps needed)

18) screw the boost gauge hose onto the the fittings and tighten tightly.

19) make sure that all the clamps are tighten and the hose is routed nicely and out of the way of everything.

20)start the puppy up and take a driveInfo Source
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