Spark Plug References

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Spark Plug References

Post by ßlåçk§mókè on 2009-12-15, 01:20

Spark Plug references.
NGK BKR6ES *STOCK heat range* <-- STOCK Plug

NGK BKR6E "V-Power" *STOCK heat range*

NGK BKR6EGP Platinum Plug *STOCK heat range*
NGK PFR6T-10G "Laser" Platinum *STOCK heat range*

NGK BKR6EIX Iridium *STOCK heat range*

Autolite 3922 Copper Plug *One Range Colder*

NGK BK7RE Copper Plug *One Range Colder*

NGK BKR7E Iridium Plug *One Range Colder*
NGK BKR8E Iridium Plug *Two Ranges Colder*
NGK BKR9E Iridium Plug *Three Ranges Colder*

Denso Iridium IK24 *Two Ranges Colder*
Denso Iridium IK27 *Three Ranges Colder*

Stock Gap is 0.45"
PSi-Fi Pulley Kit Recommendation gap is 0.28"
Intense-Racing GM-MAF-T/42.5lbs Injectors/2.8" Pulley Gap recommendations is 0.45"
South Florida Pulley Headquarters suggested NGK BK7RE gap is 0.35"

For those of you running 2.8" or below. TWO RANGES COLDER IS RECOMMENDED.

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Re: Spark Plug References

Post by Rippin07 on 2009-12-15, 19:28

Once your in the 20's for PSI then you should be gapping down between .030 and .032" with 2 steps cooler plugs. This will make a big difference in reducing engine knock and misfires.

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Re: Spark Plug References

Post by The_Rylander on 2009-12-17, 01:09

I will probably be getting new spark plugs in the very near future, i'm assuming the plugs listed here are what i should be looking for?

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Re: Spark Plug References

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