How To: Remove Cobalt Front Bumper

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How To: Remove Cobalt Front Bumper

Post by boostdbalt on 2009-12-16, 02:04

Tools Needed:
Socket Wrench
Philips Screw Driver
Flat Head Screw Driver

Ok lets get started!

1. First you must remove the headlights by the 2 bolts. I believe there 10mm.

2. Remove Headlight from car by just wiggling it and then unplug the wireharness and set aside headlights.

3. Remove the 4 bolts that hold the headlight brackets in place and set aside.

4. Now that you have removed both headlights & brackets, you can now remove the plastic clips that are attached to the grill & frame of the car. There right behind the grill on the top next to the hood latch. You must pry them off with a flat head screw driver.

5. Now you can start unbolting the bumper. There are 3 bolts on each side under where the headlights sat. Pic shows 2 but theres 3.

6. Once those bolts are undone, there are 3 more small bolts in the wheel well. Look on the side of your car where you fendor and bumper meet and from that line down un bolt the 3 bolts in the wheel well

7. Continue down along the bumper and you will notice it changes to philips screws. un screw all them as well, all the way around to the other side.

8. Now If your an ls lt ltz, get underneath your front bumper and behind the lower center grill you will notice 2 more plastic clips. pry them out. For ss bumpers its the same but when i recieved my ss bumper it did not have holes for those clips.

9. Now carefully pull lift and tug the bumper till it comes off.

and you end up with this ugly mug Smile

Info from from mkulrey13

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Re: How To: Remove Cobalt Front Bumper

Post by jschatte on 2010-01-24, 21:48

i think ill make one for the rear next time i rip it off.

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