Magnaflow Exhaust & JBP Header

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Magnaflow Exhaust & JBP Header

Post by Omega_5 on 2010-03-15, 11:04

This is (most of) the exhaust system I used to lay down over 280 on the M62.

JBP Header (new retail ~$400 on a GB)
I'm still contemplating selling this header (still unsure, unless I get a good offer). Used for 2-3 months, before I took it off with plans to ceramic coat it (but never did). Still looks brand new, with polished outside. Bead honed internal primaries for a more fluid exhaust stream. NO PINCH POINTS!
The only reason I'm even considering selling this, is because I plan to custom build a new header, more suitable for my application.
Pictures soon to come.

Magnaflow catback (new retail $720)
Used for 2 years. Fairly decent condition, no corrosion.

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